Bird mites

Asked May 31, 2018, 3:51 PM EDT

We have just seen that we may have a birds nest in roof ( a tile is missing, it’s in the roof but not the loft if that makes sense), we have seen a bird go in and out with twigs! In the U.K. all birds nest are protected so we can’t have a pest control person take it away yet until the birds have gone! I have got my self into a right state! I’m petrified we will have bird mites now! Especially when they leave the nest! I can’t eat or sleep and still have at least a month until they leave! I keep reading everywhere that you WILL get bird mites into your home and if you have a nest you are doomed! Is this really the case?

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Bird mites get their name because the host they like to live on the most is Birds! So, as the birds leave, so too will the mites. You will need to have the roof mended so that you will not encourage birds to nest there again. Sulfur dust and DE along with pyrethrin sprays can kill these pests. Vacuum cleaning interior rooms periodically with storage of the vacuum cleaner away from clothing or bedding will also reduce fleas, mites and other common household pests.

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so when the birds leave the mites will come into our home??
as soon as the birds leave we can mend the roof but just panic sticken that the mites will get into the house before we can have nest removed.

I think once the birds leave the mites will die shortly. Mend the roof as soon as you are able to do so.

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