Digger bees or similar

Asked May 31, 2018, 9:51 AM EDT

Yesterday I noticed our large sand play area had dozens of small holes . Upon closer inspection there were flying bee like insects darting in and out of each hole. My kids are terrified , my daughter is highly allergic to bee stings and google has very conflicting answers of what to do ranging from doing nothing to filling each hole with a certain type of insecticide . What should I do about it ?

Benton County Washington

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Dear Client,

There are many species of bees that do make their nests in the soil including solitary bees and yellowjackets or ground wasps. As a result, we cannot make an effective management recommendation until we have properly identified the bees. The best way to achieve this is to have you capture a digital image of the bee and maybe to entrance to the colony and post it to this web. Be very careful in this endeavor, especially if you see multiple bees coming out of a single entrance as yellowjackets are one of the most serious insect threats to human health in the Pacific Northwest as they will defend the colony by stinging en mass. And it would be prudent to keep any children (especially, bee-sensitive children) away from the area of the colony until the insects are properly identified.

Please take care!

I concur with Mike - please send a photo to Timothy.lawrence@wsu.edu of bees if you can but at least the nest holes.