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Asked May 31, 2018, 9:11 AM EDT

Hello, Is corn gluten safe to use under/near pine/maple/crab trees & flowers? Is there an individual organic K product to use with it as a fertilizer since it has N in it? When should corn gluten be reapplied during the summer? When can corn gluten be applied to newly seeded areas (how many weeks after seeding)? What other organic weed killer is recommended? I have an overgrowth of chickweed this year! What weed killer does organic lawn services, like BioLawn use as a weed killer? If there is no other residential organic weed killer, how far should Weedbegon be kept away from trees/bushes with spot treating? What is an effective, safe option to GrubEX for grub overgrowth? What else could we try to get rid of moles? We've tried to smoke them out, use poison grub worms and GrubEx. What is it a sign of that our lawn needs? Is it too late to dethatch or should we wait until fall? We have a lake at the bottom of a trail that we live near that has been overcome with algea blooms earlier and earlier over the past several years. This year it's already full of it. The county has installed some rain gardens a few years ago in some strategic areas to catch (assuming nitrogen/phosphorous) runoff from making it to the lake. What can we do at a local level to encourage the county (or at least near lakes/rivers) to switch to using less synthetic fertilizers that tend to run off more vs organic? Thank you so much for your time and talents! Kim Daubanton

Washington County Minnesota

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