Trees not leafing

Asked May 31, 2018, 9:04 AM EDT

I have six silver Maples one red maple and one oak tree that the leaves have not popped or have partially popped on them. Any suggestions?

Jackson County Michigan

1 Response

The tree with some leaves coming out appears as though the leaves are deformed in shape which can occur with some herbicides. Some herbicides are not labeled for use around trees and may cause damage. If a herbicide was used please check the label for warnings for use around trees. Are these all maples? Some maples like Norway maples (Crimson King is a type of Norway maple) are very sensitive to saturated soils and two springs in a row we have had heavy rainfall in May that on many sites caused saturated soils which can lead to root rot. Some maples are also susceptible to a fungus disease during extended periods of rainfall as we just had. Anthracnose is a fungus that can cause leaves to blacken and drop from the tree. I don't think this is the problem since these trees barely leafed out.