New gardener being eaten alive

Asked May 30, 2018, 11:53 PM EDT

So my wife and i planted a vegi garden in Zone 4 (Hermiston/Stanfeild area) this was on 5/26 now on 5/30 most of our vine plants cucumbers, melons, eggplants look like the attached pictures. And now that the vines are destroyed we have lost 6 plants and there are 10 that have the bite marks in them. I was hoping for some help finding out that is doing this and what to do to prevent it.

Umatilla County Oregon horticulture

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This is an insect problem and I have asked the entomologist to confirm what I think is the problem. Hope to provide you an answer soon....

Thanks for getting back to me. I made a point to get in to the garden at night after work today to see if i could catch what was after it and here are 3 pics of the bugs that i just saw was infested in the garden i mean it looked like the ground was moving around some of the plants.

The pictures is exactly what I needed. They are earwigs. I have copied several links below that will give you information on what to do. If you need anything else please email me or call or 541 567 8321