Cedar Apple rust

Asked May 30, 2018, 10:32 PM EDT

We just noticed hundreds of orange spores on our juniper tree, which is 20 feet from our crab apple, which had yellow/ brown leaves last year that dropped off early. We are desperate not to lose these trees. What can we do? Please help.

Dakota County Minnesota

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It is possible that the yellow/brown leaves on the crab may be simply apple scab, a common fungal disease of apples. The rust spots from cedar-apple rust are quite distinctive. Both diseases (cedar-apple rust and scab) rarely require management (on either host, in the case of cedar-apple rust). You are unlikely to "lose" your trees.

Read here about apple scab:

Removing the associated galls on the juniper is one management strategy for cedar-apple rust. But the short answer is that one should avoid planting these two trees near one another. Read here about cedar-apple rust: