Asked May 30, 2018, 7:59 PM EDT

Is there any roses that can be grown successfully in MN? I've gone thru about 8 different rose bushes - either they don't make it thru the winter or Japanese beetles completely eat them. I don't want to use any chemicals to harm me or the environment. I'm not a fan of the color magenta. Thank you. Gina

Ramsey County Minnesota

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I'm not clear what kind of rose you want to plant. Hardy shrub roses can certainly survive here with little or no protection. Hybrid tea roses must be winter-protected. Read here:

As for Japanese beetles, they love roses. Some cultivars are more attractive to them than others, but if you grow roses, be prepared to deal with them. Hand-picking them is still the control method of choice. Read here:

There seems to be some anecdotal evidence that less fragrant cultivars are of less interest to JBs. However, the only scientific study I found showed little difference among cultivars.