Magnolia Dormant?

Asked May 30, 2018, 7:12 PM EDT

I have two Magnolia trees in my front yard. the little one bloomed earlier this spring, but the big one, that has fuzzy buds on it has yet to bloom or show leaves. Is it normal for them to hold out this long? I was told by the lady that lived here before me that it is a variety the UofM made to be hearty in MN. I'm hoping it's not dead. Also what is this plant?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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All you can do is wait and see. The odd late spring this year has stressed a lot of trees. Keep it watered and give it time. Don't fertilize.

One way to reduce winter stress on trees is to make sure they enter winter well hydrated.

Read here:

Any idea what that other plant is? Some were saying creeping bellflower

We master gardeners know a lot about plants, but most of us aren't botanists or horticulturalists. Some plants are easy to identify because they are common or have distinctive features that make it simple to find them in reference books and on-line resources. Others are difficult to name because they are uncommon or resemble so many other plants that they can only be accurately identified by noting minute comparative details in structure, size, blossoms, fruit, etc. that can only be seen with the plants in hand. Identifying plants from a few photos taken at the same developmental stage is nearly impossible.

It might be creeping bellflower. Check here:

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