Highly sensitive testing for pesticide in water and possible liability for groundwater contamination

Asked May 30, 2018, 4:58 PM EDT

If my neighbor had an unlicensed company come out and spray 3/4+ acres with fertilizer/herbicide mix, where can I get my water tested for trace amounts (down to ppb or possibly ppt) of toxic chemicals, their residues, and their breakdown compounds? Also, if any contamination is found, and linked to pesticide applications by an individual or company, is there any recourse to recover monetary damages to install either a whole house water filtration system and R/O drinking water system, or even possibly to drill a new, deeper well to mitigate said contamination? If I plan on starting a small certified organic farm in the future, could pesticide contamination of my groundwater affect my organic certification?

Jackson County Michigan

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It would help to know what materials were used. Without this knowledge it is very hard and expensive for a lab to test for unknown materials. Pesticide testing is would be done by private analytical labs that can be found online and in phone books. If you think an improper use of pesticide or pesticide use occurred by an company with proper pesticide certification you need to contact the state regulatory agency which in this case is the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. They investigate improper use and application of pesticides and they can be contacted at: 1-800-292-3939 They also may be able to answer your specific questions on testing sites and they can look into the types of materials used in the application