Peach curl and burnt branches

Asked May 30, 2018, 4:51 PM EDT

I have two August Lady peach trees that are approximately 4 years old. The first year they produced 3 peaches without any peach curl. The last 3 years they have had peach curl and I had a few peaches until this year. I have sprayed with a copper spray in the autumn season, and now this spring I have peach curl and my branches look burnt. The tree produces some new green healthy looking leaves, but the curl gets them and they fall. What are your recommendations for these poor looking things?

Multnomah County Oregon

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Peach leaf curl and bacterial blight/canker are the most troublesome diseases for peaches in western Oregon.

In all instances, growing resistant cultivars is the best way to manage peach leaf curl in home gardens. The following peach or nectarine cultivars are offered by a variety of west coast nurseries as curl resistant: Autumn Rose, August Etter, Avalon, Avalon Pride, Charlotte, Early Charlotte, Early Crawford, Frost, Indian Free, Kreibich, Muir, Nanaimo, Oregon Curl Free, and Q-1-8. I was unable to locate any information about disease resistance for August Lady.

Chemical treatment is applied twice in western Oregon for peach leaf curl: at 50% leaf fall (late October), and again at delayed dormant (usually in late February, before flower buds open). Unfortunately, copper spray is ineffective in western Oregon. Next time, you might try Ortho MAX Garden Disease Control. Or consider replacing the tree with a more resistant-kind suited to the northwestern climate.

Before we can discuss the management of the burnt branches, please send me at least 3 images when you reply to this email: (1) the trees and their surroundings; (2 one affected tree with both affected and healthy parts; and (3) a branch with both affected and healthy parts.

I look forward to seeing your images.