Time To Really Get Rid of Gnat/FruitFly-Type Critters

Asked May 30, 2018, 2:00 PM EDT

My indoor, potted lemon and lime tree have recently attracted quite a pack of small flying critters that are perhaps gnats or fruit flies. I have tried the very non-toxic home brew of Dawn or Ivory liquid dish soap with veg oil and water (doesn't phase 'em), followed by "Safer" 3-in-1 Garden Spray (they laugh at it), finally tried "Natria" by Bayer Fruit and Veggie Spray (little or no effect). Please can you help me discover a spray that might be a little more potent? It would be much appreciated...Steven

Columbia County Oregon

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It is possible you have fungus gnats. They are common in potting mixes that aren't yet completely composted. Did you recently repot some of these plants?

The larva can eat roots though usually annoyance with the adults flying around is their biggest actual concern. The mosquito "dunks" that are out in ponds and water features contain a bacterial that affects both mosquito larva and fungus gnat larva. You might grind a portion of one up, let it steep in some water for a day and water your pots with it. It will take some time to show results relative to the number of adults (7-14 days).

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