Cherry tree fertilizer

Asked May 30, 2018, 1:22 PM EDT

Last year I lost my entire tart cherry tree crop to the fruit fly worms. Ok I only have 2 trees. What can I spray on the trees to not lose the fruit this year and when should I spray. If there is anything else I should know about tree trimming or other care please include that. Thank you very much from livonia michigan.

Wayne County Michigan

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Growing fruit is a large subject with many steps. Here are some links to get you started.

First, a spray schedule. Begin your sprays in this schedule where we are now in the season, not at the beginning which is for early spring before blooms have opened.

There are some steps you may have already taken—- If you are keeping a ring of mulch around the roots but pulled back from the trunk, that is good for moisture and weed control. Over the winter consider a tree wrap applied to the trunk or burlap supported on poles, in order to shade trunks to help prevent frost cracks( it won’t prevent all of them). The wraps/shades are removed in spring, and reapplied the first several winters until the bark begins to thicken. Be sure the trees stay hydrated during droughts and going into winter up to when the ground freezes some time in November.

For fruit production the pruning and pest spray schedule is different than when growing trees as ornamental. For just a couple dwarf trees, once the fruit is set, some gardeners actually net the whole tree to keep birds and large insects ( a finer mesh is used) off the fruit.

Also, organic vs. traditional chemicals will be considerations. And professional applicators have access to different products than home growers. Timing is critical when applying pest sprays. Always follow the label directions and cautions—-“the label is the law”.

Protecting pollinators while treating trees is another concern of which to be aware- this consists of spraying trees early or late in the day when bees are not active—

MSU and other extensions have many articles, and some videos, on these topics. Choose info from northern states for the most pertinent info. Don’t forget your local library which may have good books to help you.

Here are some links for you should you need them—-

The following is news for commercial growers with disease and pest alerts, and may be of interest—-

Enviroweather is a resource for temperature, rainfall, etc for growers around the state, including cherries. Temperature will be important in your timing of sprays—-

Lots of info! Please read through the topics you need help with. If you have more questions, we are here to help. Thank you.