Tomatoe Disease Identifications

Asked May 30, 2018, 8:08 AM EDT

The leaves of my plants are curling up starting with the new growth at the top center of the plant. I’m not sure if it started before they went in the ground but some have only been in for two days and the curling is noticeable. I don’t see any pests but there is some leaf damage.

Denver County Colorado

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There are a number of problems that can affect tomato plants. Sometimes it's hard to accurately identify the problem in the early stages. You may have a phosphorous deficiency because the soil might have been too cool when you planted the tomatoes. You may have psyllids but if that was the case you should see small nymphs about the size of an aphid on the underside of the leaves.

CSU has a fact sheet on tomatoes and related problem that should be helpful for you. The chart will help you identify the problem and how to treat it.

I think you are right about psyllids. I saw a very small number of tiny green bugs under leaves. Would they damage geraniums as well?

The tiny green insects may be aphids. Aphids are just starting to show up around Denver, and they can multiply quickly. If they are aphids, hose them off with a strong jet of water or simply squish them by running your thumb and pointer finger along the stem.