Raspberry leaves being eaten

Asked May 29, 2018, 8:13 PM EDT

Our raspberry (ever bearing) leaves are currently getting eaten. Seems to be caterpillar of some sort, though we can't find the culprit. Any ideas, please?


Frederick County Maryland

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Please send us photos so we can get an idea of the possible culprit. Send photos of the whole plant and affected leaves.


Here’s a photo. Some areas the leaves are completely eaten away. There is also some bronzing and cane damage, not sure which are related to each other or not.

There is no insect that commonly feeds on bramble foliage that is not easy to see, unless the insect is already gone. Some of this damage could be environmental or even deer, too. The leaf edge browning is not disease.

At this point, the important thing is to remove the old canes from last year. This type of raspberry bears on primocanes (first year canes) and the older canes are not as thrifty. This is the best way to manage these raspberries.


Thanks. This is inside a deer fence, so my guess is it is Japanese Beetles, a leafhopper, or some othet pest that ate and ran.

Dead canes were already removed last month, so these are new. Are you saying the bronzed leaves are nutritional issue?

Not nutritional. Our fruit and vegetable specialist said it is probably reaction to weather or stress.

Still, if your canes aren't doing well, a soil test may be in order if you haven't done one for a few years. Search 'soil testing' on our website.