Recommendations for Shrubs that can tolerate Shade

Asked May 29, 2018, 6:31 PM EDT

I have a bed that is very shady -- too shady to grow grass. I'm getting rid of the grass and extending a bed to this area. Right now I'm just including vinca as a ground cover. I'd like recommendations for an evergreen shrub that is shade tolerant. Thanks for your help!!

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Vinca is a popular groundcover, it has escaped to natural areas where it crowds out wildflowers and other herbaceous natives. It spreads vegetatively by rooting at nodes and tips, and from root pieces. It is appropriate in the home landscape, ONLY when growth is monitored and kept far from natural areas.

Here are some other ideas for groundcovers: Chrysogonum virginianum , sedum ternatum, ferns such as Christmas ferns, Hay scented ferns, Maidenhair ferns, and sensitive ferns, tiarella (running or clumping), Canadian ginger, Phlox stolonifera, Pa sedge, and solomon's seal.

Evergreen shrubs - inkberry, yew, pieris japonica
decidous shrubs - itea, fothergilla