Raspberries and grapes

Asked May 29, 2018, 6:14 PM EDT

I live in Rocky Ford CO just outside Lajunta. I want to grow raspberries and grapes. I'm told to put both on a sheltered side of my little farm, water 3 times a week. But how much sun?? We get 105 110 temps for about 6 tom8 wks straight in Summer. Can you recommend hybrids and when to plant??

Otero County Colorado

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Both will grow well in this area. Grapes are less tolerant of the cold then they are of the heat. I have provided two links to factsheets that I hope will help.

The grape fact sheet is written more for the western slope, but applies to this area as well. Varieties for the western slope would probably be better choices than the ones listed for the Front Range, depending on what you are wanting to use them for.