can my trees be saved?

Asked May 29, 2018, 6:02 PM EDT

Can some one please let me know if they think it's possible to save these pines? They are thinning and are no longer producing needles. I have not noticed any bugs on them. They look this way year round. I'm starting to get concerned because the pines near them are starting to look bad. GO Green! and Thanks in advance from Ortonville, MI

Oakland County Michigan

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From the photo they look to be colorado blue spruce. These trees have been affected in the last few years by a number of diseases which affect the needles.
The most common is needlecast.
The needles die on the the bottom branches. The disease gradually makes its way up the tree. It is spread by spores.
The only way to combat this is to spray the new needles with a fungicide , perhap 3 times in the spring.
This is costly, the timing has to be just right, and your trees are too tall to effectively be sprayed.
If you have other trees around these that are looking affected, you can try to save them if the disease hasn't progressed too far. The new needles will push out and look fine but will eventually be affected by the fungus. You would have to hire a
tree company to spray so with the other affected trees, the issue is how much will it cost to keep them healthy and to arrest the disease. Also, is this something you might be doing every year.
Some pines are relatively resistant to these needlecast diseases, blue spruces are not.