How to succeed with this plant? Agastache rupestris

Asked May 29, 2018, 5:09 PM EDT

I read it likes a lean soil, good drainage. I have clay soil. How best to plant this successfully, this time. Mgr where I purchased said for a 4" pot, dig hole 6" dia and 5-6" deep. Use only 10-20% compost with original soil and plant. I dug hole, added some compost and gravel added water and it looks like a mud hole. How best to have this plant succeed? Thx, Rita

Washington County Oregon

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Where in Oregon are you located, this will help is get you to someone who works in your planting zone and be most familiar with the area.

Hi, I'm in King City zip 97224 close to Tigard, OR

Agastache does appreciate decent drainage and heat. One idea for such plants when growing in a garden without well-draining soil is to mound it a bit. The idea is to site the crown of the plant so it isn’t too wet in the winter. There is a saying in gardening, “right plant, right place”. You can modify your location to accomade plants that would not naturally grow there, but not always successfully. I garden in soil without good drainage and have not been successful with an Agastache for more than two years. Best wishes to you.