Should I xplant asparagus seedlings?

Asked May 29, 2018, 4:09 PM EDT

When I find volunteer asparagus seedlings in my garden, should I transplant them to the asparagus bed? I have tried it by just setting them at their original depth. How do the roots ever get as deep as those planted in the original bed? Will they grow into productive plants? About how many years will it take?

Chisago County Minnesota transplanting asparagus

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Usually when you purchase roots they are 2 years old. You then plant them in a trench and fill in with soil as they grow. It still takes another 2-3 years usually before you start cutting. I don't think the seedlings would do that well transplanted into an established bed. You could put them into a small area and grow them for a couple of years and then plant the roots into a new area like you would if you purchased roots if you wanted to spend the time at it. Here is a link to info about growing asparagus.