coastal grass seeding woods from pastures

Asked May 29, 2018, 3:01 PM EDT

We have a patch of woods in Tillamook area. A thriving tall grass we don't want is moving in big time. It pulls easily and now it's going to seed. When I pull it, dense, compact root wads with "bulbs" packed in like little green onion white tips come up. What kind of grass might it be? Will those bulblets grow and infest a compost pile? Will the green seeds be compost trouble? Any other suggestions for grass with this type of bulbing root style?

Tillamook County Oregon

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I cannot tell you the name of the grass from your description. Could you bring a sample that includes the roots and the seeds to the Extension Service Office at 4506 Third Street in Tillamook?

The bulblets will potentially be a problem and persist in the average "cold compost" pile. If you can hot compost the pile they would break down. The seeds, even if they are green now, may continue to ripen if they do not decompose quickly in the pile. When I am dealing with a potential nuisance weed I either dispose of them by burning, burring or disposing of it in a separate pile that I can monitor.