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Asked May 29, 2018, 2:33 PM EDT

Hi, We’ve lost three trees already this season —they were in the ground three years, with about 1-1 1/2” diameter trunks. I’ve noticed different problems on different trees, and we’d like to prevent them from becoming bigger problems . Please advise. Btw, we did spray a dormant spray 2-3 months ago. But only once. And we live in Clatsop county on the Nehalem river. Thanks for any help!

Clatsop County Oregon fruit trees

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Apple Leaf roller

The pictures you sent look like apple leaves, if they are, the insect could be an apple leafroller. Since it is a chewing insect you can have holes and total leaf loss on the trees that may look like different insects, but they are the same. If it is possible remove a rolled-up leaf and look inside for a green worm. The easiest way to remove these is hand picking all the rolled leaves and discarding them. Sprays are usually performed during the flowering stages of your apples, yours should be fruiting now. Fruit thinning can reduce problems significantly with some leafrollers. Thin fruit clusters to a single fruit. Hand-pick rolled leaves containing larvae or pupae. Removal of overwintering sites, such as rolled leaves on the ground or plastered to canes, can reduce next year's population. Leafrollers can develop resistance rapidly to chemical controls. Alternate chemistries and modes of action.

If the fruit trees are not apple, please write back, thank you

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