Fungus or black spot in Aspen tree?

Asked May 29, 2018, 12:57 PM EDT

We just bought a few trees from a person who had a permit to do so with Aspen trees.
As we were planting them I noticed 3 of the trees have black leafs.
I am wondering if I should just cut off the bad ones, sterilizing between each cut, or is it the black leaf disease and I should get rid of them so they don't infect our healthy trees?
Is this contagious to other types of tree?
I have included photos.

Adams County Colorado

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Great photos and questions. We are attaching a fact sheet on Aspen (and other Poplar) fungal diseases. You could prune and take a wait and see approach. You did not state what other kinds of trees you have.

If a tree loses its leaves early in the season, it may grow new ones and its health is not seriously affected.

AdCo CMG Cheryn M-C