salt issues for boulevard garden?

Asked May 29, 2018, 11:00 AM EDT

hello there!

I just removed sod from the area of my South facing front yard just inside the curb (~ 6ft x 47ft) in White Bear Lake, MN this weekend and would like to plant shrubs and perennials in this new space. From what I heard from a neighbor, the city does not use much salt during the winters on my side street, but I wanted to check and see how careful I need to be with the plants I choose to put here. Any thoughts, concerns? So far I've purchased two types of perennial grasses, goldmound spirea, gold mop juniper and a dwarf false spirea (which will be furthest from the curb).

Please and thank you!

Ramsey County Minnesota

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The U of MN has an excellent documents titled "best plants for 30 tough sites". Boulevards are on the list of "tough sites". Your trees are specified in this particular document, but I have found other documentation that they're salt tolerant. Some grasses are less tolerant than others, I would check the lists I provided to see if what you bought is on the list.

I would recommend that you look into height ordinance that your city might have. In most cities, I've found, the ordinances are only enforced where plants might obstruct sight lines when driving.

Small trees:
Also see Table 1 on page 6 of this document: