Maple tree diseases

Asked May 29, 2018, 10:48 AM EDT

We have an 50-70 year old maple tree that has started last year with Lea ages curling and drying up and falling off the tree in the spring and summer. Is there some disease in MI that is impacting maple trees and what can we do to help our tree stay healthy?

Livingston County Michigan

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We actually have two diseases that are attacking maple in our area: Tar Spot and Anthacnose. Neither of these are fatal for the tree but does make the tree look unsightly. There are no really good treatments at this time of the year. One thing all of the Universities are recommending is good yard saniitation around the tree. Keep the diseased leaves picked up and either burned or removed from the property. This keeps the disease from recycling, as the leaves break down the fungus returns through the soil back to roots thereby setting up the cycle for next year again. You can also spray the leaves with a fungicide containing Chlorothalonil early next spring when the leaves are just unfurled. It won’t stop the fungus entirely but it will slow the funguses down. Thanks for using the Ask an Expert System.