Isolated Brownout of Pachysandra

Asked May 29, 2018, 8:32 AM EDT

At a property in Rockville, there is a single spot in a bed of Pachysandra that is Browning out. The grade is level which has me perplexed as to why it is only in this spot. My first guess is complications due to saturation what with the recent storms. My first instinct is to call it fungal damage. The leaves aren't dry and crunchy even though they appear to be burnt.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Your pachysandra has volutella, a fungal disease. Here is information about it and how to approach control:

That little spot in the bed may be a little lower and therefore more moist. At any rate, you'll want to remove the infected material as soon as possible to prevent spread. This is a very common problem in old beds.