Grass the center of yard is not coming back this year

Asked May 28, 2018, 10:47 AM EDT

This year the grass in the center of my yard is not coming back. The edges have been doing well but appear to be starting to thin. I am watering every morning at 4am for 20 minutes zone and the watering system is working. This is the 4th year on new sod. Previous years yard has been healthy and thick. I have fertilized as I have in the past started watering at about the same time. Neighbors report that there is a lot of bird in the yard peeking. Neighbor not having issues and is watering once every three day now. I dethatched the yard and there is some growth but not much.

Weld County Colorado lawns and turf

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This is consistent with winterkill - especially if there is a thick thatch layer. The grass around the border was able to get some water from soil under the sidewalk, bedding areas, etc. by capillary movement of water from these areas to the lawn.