Fruit moth damage to peach trees

Asked May 27, 2018, 1:52 PM EDT

It appears that 75% or so of my peaches have been affected by fruit moth damage so far this year.We have sprayed pesticides but apparently not soon enough.My question is do we con’t to spray to try and reduce the pests despite not getting a crop.Is there anything else we should be doing now?So much time goes into pruning and maintaining the trees it’s sad to see the pest devastation. The apple and blueberries seem to be doing well so far.Does anyone do consulting for fruit trees in this area?Would love to find someone!

Caroline County Maryland

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First generation Oriental fruit moth larvae bore into new shoots causing noticeable dieback (flagging). Later generations bore into fruit. Any fruit problems right now are not caused bu Oriental fruit worm. The sap droplets in your photo are possibly a function of environmental stress, especially water stress (excess soil moisture and cloudy days).

Information on peach pests including the VA Tech spray schedule for home orchards.

Peaches are one of the more difficult fruit trees to grow because of the many disease and insect problems. Even when following spray schedules backyard growers can find it challenging to achieve get the proper spray coverage and necessary timing to manage these problems. Basic sanitation (picking up and removing drops) and tree health are two keys to minimizing problems.

We recommend you contact local landscapers and arborists to find someone who can consult. jt