Peach Tree Question

Asked May 27, 2018, 1:06 PM EDT


I just moved into a home that has a peach tree in the back yard. Last winter, the peach tree was cut down to the stump. I figured it would not grow back, but it has! It did not blossom; it just started growing branches with leaves. I have found lots of peach pits on the ground from last season. But I dont know if it will bare fruit since it didnt blossom this year? I did notice at the base of some of the leaves, it appears to be growing/swollen and pink. Could this be peaches coming in? (see in pictures attached)


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No it is not a peach, no flowers, no peaches. The new growth will probably prove to be very undesirable.

When you buy a commercial peach tree, you are actually buying two trees. the production, top, part of the tree is bred to produce the type of peach that is desirable fruit producing. the root-stock, is separate and bred to provide a strong support for that part that is grafted on to it to produce the desirable peach. The root stock is much stronger and more disease resistant that what the fruit bearing variety might have on its own.

The fruit bearing top is a graft from a tree that has a predictably quality fruit. In the case of flowering varieties, the graft is from a tree that produces lots of big colorful flowers that will likekey produce no quality fruit.

In your case now, the new growth is from that root stock. While hardy, it is not likely it will produce any edible fruit and perhaps few flowers. The flowers may come in future years, perhaps. Our recommendation is to kill the stump and roots and remove as much as possible. Herbicide application will do the job, if you like, or persistent removal of the sprouts to starve the stump of the energy it needs to survive. Note the use of the word persistent. It may mean weekly checks for new growth and prompt removal. That also means checking on sprouts from root branches that may not be very close to the stump.

Contact me or you local county extension office for more details.