Aspen care

Asked May 26, 2018, 8:19 PM EDT

I have aspen trees that seem to have saw dust from bugs boring into the tree. There's also evidence of ooze on the trunk, however I don't really see holes. Is there some kind of spray to care for this?

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As with most plants there are a number of insects and diseases that can affect Aspen. I think this may be the most likely suspect.

Poplar Borer

Poplar BorerThis wood-boring beetle lays eggs on the bark of the aspen. The larvae then tunnel, weakening the wood. Entry and exit holes of the beetle invite fungi, which can result in limb breakage.

Quick Facts

  • Shade tree borers are insects that develop underneath the bark of trees and shrubs. Certain beetles and moths are the most common borers.
  • Most shade tree borers can successfully attack only trees that are injured or stressed.
  • Shade tree borer development takes from one to three years to complete. Adult stages of these insects occur outside the tree.
  • Control of shade tree borers includes maintaining growth and vigor of the tree or shrub.
  • Insecticides can best control shade tree borers if they are applied when adult insects are laying eggs on tree trunks.

Shade Tree Borers Fact Sheet (244 KB PDF)

A systemic insecticide applied as a soil drench might also help.