where can I get these apple trees

Asked May 26, 2018, 8:08 PM EDT

Hi, I would like to plant apples tress that produce apples in June/July and then on Oct - Nov. I live in Denton near Easton on the Easternshore and want to know what kinds I should get that are sweet plus where to buy them in Maryland or Delaware? Perhaps a Virginia Beauty Tree with an early produce? What is the best large thornless Blackberry bush as well? Thanks Scott

Caroline County Maryland

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Lodi and Early Transparent are two of the earliest varieties of apples, bearing in early July. You might consider Pristine, which is not quite as early as the others but is more disease resistant. We do not endorse one company over another, but Adams County Nursery has a useful ripening chart for tree fruit. Although designed for southern PA, the dates will be similar for Caroline County. See the links below for some recommended varieties. Asian pears grow quite well in the area (look for fireblight tolerant varieties like Olympic, Daisu Li, Shin Li and Shinsui)

Apache, Arapahoe and Navaho are some good thornless blackberries to try. They are all from the University of Arkansas breeding program. See more cultivars of brambles at the link below.

As far as sourcing, there are many good quality mail order nurseries that specialize in fruit trees and in brambles. Most fruit is best planted as bare-root stock while the plants are dormant in the late fall or early spring.