Mayday. Motorhome.sinking.

Asked May 26, 2018, 6:55 PM EDT

We will be talking about an elm tree . Chinese Elm I do believe . Me and my wife unfortunately I had to moving to a motorhome I due to medical problems we found a mobile home RV Park and we've been here for almost 4 years . We were issued a lot to park on as I backed the motorhome under a tree I noticed it didn't look very healthy . As healthy as the others around it basically in the park . Everything's been going good but nobody that has lived here permanently ever brought up any kind of explanation about the tree that it was sick or it's just been dying offer or anything of the sort so we didn't think much of it after that . Last winner here in Layton Utah was very mild hardly any snow no rain fall like weather all through winter . Around the end of December 2017 I noticed spots of blood on my pillow case and found out I was being eating up bye noseeums . So I've been fighting with them ever since still am but very very very pretty much spring came quick then it got hot then it went back to Spring so it's been a yo-yo . We've noticed last month changing the tree and a change in the RV . This thing has been puking something because it is dying . It has yellowish nasty looking snotty sap and right next to that coming out of where the branches start from the top of the trunk green slimy sap . . In our RV ceiling is starting to tint we have sap lines going down TV screens windows walls brand new microwave . After we bought the RV and during the time selling the house I had a year to remodel bring it up to date and it looked damn good flooring Cabinetry New Theater you name it I rebuild it . I wouldn't give a dollar fifty for this damn thing right now . This sappy stuff whatever it is is covering everything it leaves a slippery like you just put hand lotion on all over everything eating utensils plates bowls you name it it's there . I am now yanking the cabinets part because it got into the oak doors and drawer facings . I guess what I'm asking is I need some help in cleaning it up or is it unhealthy for us to live here or All the Above I would like to clean it up just rebuild the damn thing and get the heck out of here . Just sappy stuff came down so heavy and even got into the wiring and ignition of the engine so I have to go into that and deal with that mess . I guess what I'm asking is I want to know what it is and the best way to clean it up maybe how to stop it from doing it the tree . I can't believe when we backed her in the lot it look like a million bucks now it looks like a million beep beep . I'm a 62 year old disabled veteran this is a 37 foot motorhome I need the easiest way for the easiest chemical to use to get this thing done . I do thank you very much I'll give you my email but my phone number if you need to call is 801 8 3 7 7 1 4 7 thank you

Davis County Utah

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The tree you are talking about is a Siberian or Chinese elm. Most elms and many other tree species like willows get a disease that lives inside the trunk or large stems called bacterial wetwood. Bacteria live in the trunk and feed on the wood and their waste has nowhere to go in the tree so it oozes out and runs down the bark. Sometimes it comes out with enough force that you can hear it being forced out. It does not harm the tree but it can be a nuisance as you describe here. You can't get rid of it inside the tree. About the only thing you can do is to wash it off where it is coming out but more will come. The only other way to deal with it is to remove the tree.

Good luck.