Yellow/brown honeysuckle leaves on 25 yr old honeysuckle Tucson Az

Asked May 25, 2018, 2:09 PM EDT

As above, and now I see tiny rust colored “dashes” climbing right up behind new growth. Hate to lose this beauty. The whole park enjoys the fragrance and bloom. Rust is new, yellow/brown is chronic. Blow dead leaves out of driveway each day. This is the crowning glory on the west side of the yard.

Pima County Arizona

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Can you attach a picture? Will be difficult to say what the issue is without that.

This pic taken same day as my inquiry...shows active new growth riddled with rusty streaks and spots. Bloomed heavily as usual, but showing signs of stress.

Looks like a sucking insect pest - maybe aphids or spider mites. Check for signs of insects on the underside of the leaf. This page has more info on honeysuckle pests: