Shriveling leaves on a dogwood

Asked May 25, 2018, 9:03 AM EDT

Background: We have three dogwoods in a community garden all of which were planted about nine years ago. They have similar soil conditions and get the same sun exposure. Two are healthy but one has about 2/3 of its leaves shriveling. The first two attached pictures show the dogwood with shriveling leaves. In the third picture one of the two healthy dogwoods is on the left and the problematic dogwood is on the right. Question: Do you have any ideas about what has caused this and are there remediation steps I can take?

Baltimore Maryland

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The elongated and off-color leaves remind us of herbicide damage.
Here is our page on this:
Sometimes plants can grow out of the damage, sometimes not.
The top of the canopy looks normal, so maybe it will.
Any dead branches can be pruned out any time.