Leaces Brian and curling on peach tree

Asked May 24, 2018, 8:59 PM EDT

Please see the attached picture I have both a Peach and nectarine tree, that I bought as a bare root trees about three years ago, that look like this what can I do to prevent this from happening next season and is it too late for the season to treat. Thanks so much for your feedback

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Peaches and nectarines are challenging to grow in the northwest due to 2 common serious diseases: peach leaf and bacterial canker.

Management for both peach leaf curl and bacterial canker relies on selecting tolerant varieties. Even so, those will benefit from being sprayed at least the first 2 o 3 years after planting.

Then, too, remove all affected leaves -- on the trees or on the ground – and discard them in the trash.

According to our official disease management resource, “The following peach or nectarine cultivars are offered by a variety of west coast nurseries as curl resistant: Autumn Rose, August Etter, Avalon, Avalon Pride, Charlotte, Early Charlotte, Early Crawford, Frost, Indian Free, Kreibich, Muir, Nanaimo, Oregon Curl Free, and Q-1-8.”

Even though resources may refer to “disease resistance,” the concept to remember is that nothing is 100 percent resistant; the weather during some years is more favorable to disease than during other years.

“Two fungicide applications are recommended for western Oregon: at 50% leaf fall (late October), and again at delayed dormant (usually in late February, before floral buds open).”

Products available for use by home gardeners include Monterey Liqui-Cop and Ortho MAX Garden Disease Control.

Considering the severity of the disease shown on your young trees, limiting the leaf curl will be a frustrating, and continual, challenge. Consider replacing them with resistant kinds.