What is this horrid, invasive weed?

Asked May 24, 2018, 12:52 PM EDT

Please identify this and let me know how to prevent it's spread. Four years ago I had one of them, now there are a hundred or so....arrrrggh!

Oakland County Michigan

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It's tough to tell from the leaves but based on the roots, this appears to be Epipactus helleborine (aka weedy orchid) which has become a problem in Michigan in the last several years. Hand pulling does not work and digging can work but you will need to be sure to get all of the roots (which is tough since they are so deep and tend to break). See the attached article for more information about suggested chemicals that are still being tested.

Hope that helps!

That is exactly what has become a common sight in my garden...Thank you so much. ...now, to get rid of it.

Time will tell which products will work. Keep checking MSU web sites.