My Strawberry Plants

Asked May 24, 2018, 11:05 AM EDT

Dear All,
I have a vertical aeroponics kit in my apartment's balcony in which I've planted almost 100 roots in 40 pots in total. My plants were quite okay as they were growing, flowering etc. Recently, leaves started to deteriorate and decay as you can see on the photos; furthermore there are no more new flowers. I should also mention that Just before this deterioration started, I have added little more fertilizer than I was told into the water .
I have measured the water's pH level and the temperature as pH-8,25 and 27degC.
I would appreciate if I could have an insight of what's going wrong with my plants.
Kind regards..Can


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From what you indicated, yes the pH is probably too high and excess fertilizer will result in no blooms. Strawberries also do better in the cool weather in the spring, and some varieties do not bear fruit in the summer.
However, from your pictures, it looks as though there may be spider mites on the leaves. Turn the leaves over and look for slight webbing on the undersides of the leaves. You can use insecticidal soap and just a stream of water from the hose control. Do not use insecticides, as that will cause an increase in spider mite populations.

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