Autumn Blaze Maple trees have black leaves, are wilting, and gone to seed

Asked May 24, 2018, 10:25 AM EDT

All three of my established Autumn Blaze maples are exhibiting black edges/spots on the leaves, the leaves are wilting, and all three trees have gone to seed. Nothing has changed with our soil, except a massive amount of rain this month (6+"). Any ideas on what this is and/or how to save them?

Wayne County Michigan

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This looks like anthracnose, a disease that flourishes in the weather we have had but, is usually not life threatening. Keep the fallen leaves cleaned up and discarded( not mulched into the lawn), and keep the trees watered this year when we have dry conditions- be sure they go into late fall( just before the ground freezes in November) with enough water, too.

New leaves should gradually sprout this summer. Here is an article with more details-

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An additional thought- if the trees continue to wilt and drop discolored leaves even when our weather returns to a drier state, consult a certified arborist for an on site diagnosis—-Find arborists by zipcode here—-

Thanks Laura!

Appreciate the quick response! Glad to hear that it's most likely not life-threatening. I will take the steps mentioned above.

Rob W

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