River Birch slow to leaf out

Asked May 23, 2018, 10:28 AM EDT

We planted a new River Birch tree late last fall and this spring it is slow to leaf out. There are green buds and some of the leaves are starting to leaf out, but all the other trees in our yard (Maples, oaks) are all full of leaves. We started watering the birch a little more to see if that will stimulate the growth. Any ideas on what we should do?

Stearns County Minnesota

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it was a tough winter here in iowa and i imagine minnesota was not different. i have never liked fall tree planting as it really just holds the tree in place and this is the first real chance it has to regrow roots etc. it will take some TLC over the next year or two. water is best. no fertilizer this year or next. after the 2 year window give it a cup of granular cheep 12,12,12 or some variant of fertilizer. about 5-10 gallons 2 times per week if we do not get an inch of rain that week. if hte ground is heavy clay soils back of watering to once per week (only more if we go into extreme drought).

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