Mushrooms from Roots

Asked May 23, 2018, 8:56 AM EDT

Several years ago I took out a Gum tree from my yard. Apparently it had surface roots, and are now decaying beneath the service. Numerous large "mushrooms/fungi" have been sprouting right along the line of a beneath the surface root. They can be up to 4-6 inches across. When I try to pull them up a large clump of soil comes with them leaving divots in the yard. Is there anything I can do to kill them without pulling them up? Or, better yet prevent them from sprouting?

New Castle County Delaware

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Mushrooms are natural decomposers in our ecosystem, and break down organic matter. There have been numerous mushrooms this spring due to excess rainfall. They will continue to come up until organic matter is exhausted, and they have a network like cobwebs under the soils. The best thing to do is rake the mushroom fruiting bodies with a garden rake when they come up and discard in the trash. Do not compost near by. They should slow down when the weather turns drier. there is nothing you can apply that will discourage them, they merely need to run their course.

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