Tree species to plant in Oak woods?

Asked May 23, 2018, 8:42 AM EDT

Our marsh and woods recently caught fire and the DNR cut down several of our mature (well over 100 years) Oaks that were burning internally. This has left some large holes in the woods and we are thinking of planting some trees to fill in. The site is on the west edge of a marsh. We are considering sugar maple, river birch, and/or white pine. Would any of these have a particularly hard time in an old Oak forest? Any other species recommendations?

Anoka County Minnesota

2 Responses

the gap size will be the selection driver. i would plant a single oak back in the very middle of the gap. and several more shade tolerant species around the edges. maple and white pine will do well. our oaks are being naturally replaced by maples because of the lack of disturbance so be cautious how many maples you grow if you are more interested in oaks.


Thanks for the reply. Our woods are mostly oak, and with oak wilt (I believe) taking out patches of the Reds and now several of the largest Whites gone we'd like add some variety to fill the big holes that are left. There are numerous oak seedlings coming up, and from your comments it looks like maple and white pine will do OK if we add a few.