Lirula Needle Blight?

Asked May 22, 2018, 8:48 PM EDT

I believe I have Lirula needle blight on two 20 year old black Hills Spruce. What fungicide will work on them? When and how is it applied?

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The page you referred me to does not give me the name or maker of a fungicide that will work on Lirula macrospora. Do you have that information?
I used that page to diagnose the problem. I am not certain I am right. Did my photos help you at all?

If you will look at that page again, at the bottom, under Management, it states: Apply Chlorothalonil or Bordeaux mixture when new needles are half the length of mature needles and a second time, one month later. Since the disease cycle is 3 years long, fungicide application must occur for 3 consecutive years to be effective