winter damage to magnolia

Asked May 22, 2018, 4:48 PM EDT

Bracken's Brown Beauty magnolia (grandiflora?) suffered terribly this winter. Most leaves are brown and dead. It is 13 years old has never suffered so much winter damage. Advice, please. Thank you.

Frederick County Maryland

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Evergreen magnolias (yes, yours is a grandiflora) did suffer more winter damage than usual this year. Is there any new growth at all? Scratch the bark with your thumbnail on the damaged branches, if there is green tissue underneath leave it be for now. If the tissue is brown the branches are dead and should be pruned off. If you want to give it a chance keep it watered during hot, dry periods this summer. It may need to be replaced.


Thank you so very much for your reply. It is putting out vigorous new growth on the limbs that are not dead, even going to bloom!

New question: advice for fertilizing hostas? I have heard of a fertilizer "Megla..... something" - wondering what you suggest. Our yard is mostly shade and we have many hostas, growing very successfully, but I have learned they like to be fertilized.

thanks again!

You may be speaking of Melorganite?
Either way, hosta are happy plants in our gardens that don't need fertilization.
As you've said, you are having great success.
We don't recommend fertilizer for them.
If you don't have deer eating them up, consider yourself very lucky.


Thank you so much. Your advice is much appreciated.

"Don't give up on your Southern Magnolia" article in todays FNP - very timely!