My Magnolia has not bloomed.

Asked May 22, 2018, 4:00 PM EDT

Is there a blight or some other condition that would cause this? It usually blooms before my redbud. This year it had many buds on the tips but has not produced blooms or leaves. I fear it could be dead because of it's lack of action.

Rice County Minnesota magnolia no blooms horticulture

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Magnolia trees are succeptable to Scale. Scale is an insect that sucks on a plant. On a Magnolia it will show up as black, soot like areas on the shrub. If scale is minimal it can be controlled. Once your tree starts losing leaves and blooms it is nearing difficult to treat. I would recommend you contact a local tree care company and have an arborist out to look at it. Below is a link to more information on Magnolia Scale.