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Asked May 22, 2018, 3:29 PM EDT

I am trying to grow rare milkweeds in my garden, and I have apparently become a haven for Milkweed weevils. They are wreaking havoc on my plants. My research suggests that Boll Weevil traps may work against Milkweed weevils, but I can't find them for sale. Are they sold to the public? Do you have any other suggestions for Milkweed weevil control? Many thanks-- --

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Based on your description it is possible that you may be referring to the milkweed bug and/or beetle. Milkweed bugs/beetles are more of a nuisance than a threat to milkweed plants. These insects and the plants have coevolved together and usually the plant can tolerate the damage. Otherwise sweep the bugs into a container of soapy water. Take a look at the link from The Bug of The Week for more information http://bugoftheweek.com/blog/2013/10/25/bugs-in-costume-milkweed-leaf-beetle-ilabidomera-clivicollis...

Send us photos this growing season as soon as you notice them or symptoms.


Thank you for your response! I regularly have milkweed bugs/beetles -- those are not the culprit here. My problem now is with Milkweed weevils-- Rhyssomatus lineaticollis. I have verified visually that these are the problem. However, I don't know how to control them. As I mentioned earlier, I understand they can be caught in Cotton Boll Weevil traps, but I'm not sure those are available to the home gardener.

Correction: I must be afflicted with Rhyssomatus annectans, as they are clearly targeting swamp milkweed over common milkweed, though they have attacked other species of milkweed as well.

We don't have any research on this or known sources for the boll weevil traps. Keep researching online. You may be able to find a boll weevil trap source in the south. Here is some help from other state extensions:
It is possible to make your own traps--