Brown spots in lawn

Asked May 22, 2018, 12:58 PM EDT

Our lawn is looking rough this spring with several brown patches. Are you able to help us identify the problem? We are wondering if it is an underground rodent, some sort of insect, mold/fungus, or other? Oh, we do not have any pets. For the past 2 years, a lawn service has treated the lawn for weeds and applied fertilizer.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Thank you for contacting AaE for help.

It is difficult to tell from the pictures what is happening to your lawn. If it were a burrowing animal, the ground would feel lumpy and would give as you walk over it.

I think your lawn service should be able to figure it out for you. You can also submit a sample to the U of MN Extension service Plant Disease Clinic for a diagnosis. Here is a link to their website where you can learn about their services, prices and how to submit a sample.