First time Gardener Needs Help for Planting Shrubs

Asked May 22, 2018, 9:13 AM EDT

Hi. I’ve never planted anything before. Please advise what I need to do to plant azelas or is there an easier shrub for a beginner. Thank you.

Baltimore Maryland

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We are so glad you found us! You came to the right place.
We can help, and gardening is a great hobby and there is always something new to learn.
Start here:
There are several tabs to work through to learn about planting a shrub.
A very important step is matching the plant to a site that has the right conditions and space for the plant to do well. For instance, most azaleas like a part sun/part shade placement. The tag will usually tell you that as well as how large the plant wants to be at maturity. Plan your spacing for that, and you'll have less pruning and care to do in the long run.
You will want to amend (add good stuff) to and loosen your soil by mixing in things like Leaf-Gro, compost or peat moss.
Azaleas have shallow roots and should be planted a little higher than they were in the pot. If the roots are circling around and overgrown inside the pot, gently pull them apart so they can grow away from the plant. There is much more under the tabs of the link shared above.
Feel free to ask questions any time. You can also attach photos to your questions to help us understand what you are seeing.
Good luck and have fun.