Apple Leaf Curling

Asked May 21, 2018, 8:54 PM EDT

Howdy, I'm growing a variety of apple trees in Medina, MN. I have around 8 three year old trees and have noticed that the new leafs on new growth shoots are curling up and dying. I pulled some apart today and found larvae of some sort inside them. They don't look like the pictures of apple leaf curling midge larvae I've seen online. The apple leaf curling midge larvae appear to have multiple larvae that are small and the larvae I found was single and larger with a darker head and around 6mm long. Any idea what it could be? I intend to start treating with a fruit tree pesticide because it definitely retarded some of the growth last year. Thank you, Rob Crawford 612-799-3194

Hennepin County Minnesota

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You didn't supply a photograph, so I can't really tell what you have. There are several leaf rollers in Minnesota. They are not normally a problem and don't warrant control. Read here:

Young trees are at risk in many ways: improper planting, transplant shock, drought, excess water, poor site selection. Assigning cause and effect to the presence of these larvae and to your trees' retarded growth is difficult to do.