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Asked May 21, 2018, 8:06 PM EDT

Help! My husband and I replanted our back yard a few weeks ago. Before we did, we leveled a huge mound of soil left behind by the previous owners. We sprayed the grass before leveling, and now we have lots of weeds coming big up with the new grass. What do we do?

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Unfortunately it looks like your pile of soil had quite a few weed seeds in it which germinated with the grass seed. It is common for some weeds to germinate with a new lawn, however this looks like more of an extreme case. Typically you should be able to wait until the lawn is more established (after about 6 weeks) and then use an herbicide for broadleaf weeds for lawns. However, I am worried in some areas that the weeds may out compete the grass and you may not end up with a good stand of grass. In the worst spots you may need to spray out the weeds and reseed. I would recommend bringing in some of the weeds into the local extension office to have them identified, especially for the sections of lawn with more scattered weeds, that way if you use an herbicide for this weed as your lawn is more established you can be sure that the herbicide will work well for your particular weeds.

Here is info for your local extension office:

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