Frog ID?

Asked May 21, 2018, 5:23 PM EDT

This frog has been sitting in the exact same spot next to my garden all day. I thought it was dead but then noticed that his/her head was in a slightly different seems so big and swollen (the pencil was meant to show size)- could it be preparing to lay eggs? I left water in shallow trays nearby but it doesn't appear to have touched that. I am afraid to move it if something delicate is going on. Can you advise me? Thanks!

Next day: So after looking and asking, I guess it is an American bullfrog and is still in exactly the same spot/position. I do remember now that a few days ago, I emptied out an old bucket that had just been collecting rain water, old weeds, etc. I emptied it very near where the frog is now settled. Could it have been in that bucket? The nearest creek of any size is at least 1/2 mile away I think. I am so afraid that some reproduction cycle is being disrupted......shall I move the frog to water?!!!

Caroline County Maryland

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You are correct -- this is a bullfrog. They wander away from water during the rain to hunt for food. You do not need to move it to water. It is best to just leave it be.