front yard tree--what to plant?

Asked May 21, 2018, 4:50 PM EDT

Hi, The city took down our boulevard ash tree during winter and shredded the stump this weekend. They're going to plant a river birch at some point. I'd like to plant a small tree, one that might support food for bees or butterflies or birds, in our front yard. It faces west and without the ash tree there's very little shade. Could you suggest a few small trees that might work? Thanks!

Ramsey County Minnesota

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A flowering crab would offer blooms in the spring and fruit that the birds could eat later. Most varieties have fruit that does not fall off the tree. There are many nice flowering trees available to choose from. Full sun is good. Here are a couple of links that you can look at and decide. . . The flowering crabs and other spring bloomers and beautiful at the Arboretum right now you might like to go out and see what some of the choices are at a mature size.